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About Us

About Moppet Books

Moppet Books is a solar powered publishing company based in Los Angeles, California. We create tip top books for young readers, fully illustrated because we are huge fans of color and shape, smart and eclectic because we are even bigger fans of knowledge and dreaming. Our aim is to educate and inspire, all while being smile conduits. We think childhood is too brief and we will do everything in our power to prolong it. Power to kids, creatures of fantasy, and a future where Moppets rule. Drumroll! Trumpet fanfare! Canon shot! 


About KinderGuides

KinderGuides, published by Moppet Books, is a series of illustrated children’s learning guides that introduce iconic works of classic literature to young readers. Through visually-stunning illustrations and simplified, educational content we explore these timeless stories and the cultures that spawned them.

Celebrate classic literature and give your child a head start!

Each KinderGuide contains a condensed, simplified version of the plot, as well as a section devoted to exploring the life and cultural background of the original author. In addition, parents and teachers will also appreciate the key word definitions, a breakdown of the book’s main characters, a fun quiz, and a kid-friendly analysis of the important takeaways from each story.

Familiarity with classic stories is not just important from a cultural stand point, but recent research also shows that reading literary fiction uniquely increases our capacity for empathy – our ability to see the world from another person's perspective – a quality that we can all agree is imperative to child development.

We believe these great works of popular culture are truly timeless and deserve a reintroduction for the latest generation of the 21st century. It's not about growing up quickly, but rather about sowing a seed of appreciation for classic literature at an early age. KinderGuides aims to educate and create a familiarity to classic literature that will stay with a child until they are old enough to read the real deal.

Just as importantly, we also aim to give parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, mentors, etc, a way to share their love of these classics with children. – Creating a mutually more inspired story time.

Because classics are ageless. And so are their readers. 


* Part of KinderGuides profits go to support children’s literacy programs.